Yasmin Mansour   X   Nespresso

Yasmin Mansour X Nespresso

Spring / Summer 2019 Sketch

Yasmin Mansour’s creativity and ability to design out of the conventional box is more so apparent in her upcycle collaboration with Nespresso. Working within an eco-friendly narrative, hundreds of recycled coffee pods have been fashioned into wearable designs, giving a voice to sustainable fashion. Playfully youthful, the Nespresso capsules are meticulously hand crafted and embroidered with precision on the dresses so to emulate the motion of entwining sea waves.

Through these uniquely stunning dresses, they serve to highlight: ‘recycling does not equate to compromising on quality.’ The creation of these dresses prove that it is possible to successfully combine quality, design and sustainability.

The Inspiration See Collection

Yasmin Mansour X Nespresso

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Yasmin Mansour

Spring / Summer 2019

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