About Yasmin Mansour

Yasmin Mansour AW 2017

“For me, designing has no rules. If you start setting rules, you will not be able to create anything.
You create what you dream of.”

Yasmin Mansour, a creative and widely recognized designer, who since launching her collection in 2014, has become one of the most-talked-about and sought-after luxury fashion brand. Believing that design has always been in her DNA, Yasmin Mansour forged her passion within the fashion industry since the age of twelve; using fashion as her creative outlet for her whimsical dreams. Acting on the need to hone in on her craft, Yasmin went on to study at a key Italian fashion institute, which became the driving force that kindled Yasmin’s inspirations.

As a talented individual, Yasmin’s design aesthetics have paved the way for her to be recognized as one of the GCC’s forward-thinking creators pushing the boundaries with her ethereal gowns that echo the ‘confident heroine’ in every woman.

The Story

Yasmin Mansour AW 2017

Launched in 2014 the Yasmin Mansour brand has unrelentingly maintained its ability to fascinate women, not only within its founding home country of Qatar, but also clienteles regionally and internationally.

For those who are looking to step outside the traditional sartorial box of conventional dressing, Yasmin Mansour offers dazzling goddess-inspired silhouettes that are both dreamy yet wearable, unconventional yet stylish, popular yet bespoke.

The Yasmin Mansour brand has certainly captured the attention of the atelier world, and even more so it has earned an iconic status within the Middle East fashion scene.

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